The 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless
      The 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless 

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Here you can see pictures of the Tuesday & Thursdays  nights.  





The 3 Pillars

The Team


Here you can learn a bit about the team and some of the helpers that give up their time to come out into the cold with us.


'The 3 Pillars - Feeding the homeless" was conceived by Mick Pescod and Ged Dempsey - Freemasons from the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire. This Charity is run by Freemasons and is a Masonic Charity but friends and anyone who would care to assist are very welcome to join us - Charity status currently being applied for.

Initially, we undertook a number of trial runs at the car park of the Brewery Tap in Peterborough on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and after 16 weeks we now feed and offer clothing and bedding to over 60 people per night.

Our vision is to expand this project geographically and increase the frequency of the support across the Province but first we need to make sure that the model works and can be fully supported. read more...

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